As your health coach, I will offer you consistent, nonjudgmental support to help you reach your goals and discover what works best for you in order to become your healthiest self. Guided by intuitive eating and self compassion, we'll work together to get you to your most vibrant self.

I want to eat differently than my family.

I want to talk about the transition to college.

Social media stresses me out.

I feel a lot of pressure to act a certain way.

I'm overwhelmed by all-you-can-eat for every meal!

I'm living on my own and don't know what to make.

My good habits aren't keeping up with the weekend.

How can I foster meaningful relationships in college?

Food is expensive!

I'm so tired after work, I can't bring myself to workout.

The office has so much junk.

I'm becoming distant from my old friends.