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What You Get Working With Me

As your coach, I will offer you consistent, nonjudgmental support to help you reach your goals and discover how to make peace with food. Guided by Intuitive Eating and self compassion, we'll work together to get you to your most vibrant self. 

Through working with me, you'll learn to ditch the diets You'll learn to tune into what foods satisfy you emotionally and nutritionally. You'll learn to disconnect your self worth from how you look. 


Do you know how many calories are in an Oreo? Have you ever logged every bite you take? Do you exercise in anticipation of being in a bikini? Do you sweat out all the "bad" food you ate over the weekend? 

  • You deserve to live a life where, when you find out you're going to the beach, your first thought isn't "I have to cut carbs this week."

  • You deserve to live a life where you wear exactly what you want and buy clothes that fit your style.

  • You deserve to live a life where you can enjoy food and go out to dinner and order exactly what you want.

  • You deserve to live a life where you don't plan your meals and calories every morning. 

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