Welcome to my website! My name is Emma Hopkins Heilbronner. I am in my twenties and live in Boston with my twin sister. I love exercising (especially spin), going on walks, going out to eat, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I graduated from Colby College in Maine in 2017 with a degree in psychology, and from Dana Hall School in 2013.


I have gone through my own journey with how I approach health. I used to exercise and keep track of my calories because I felt like I had to so that I could be skinny and fit. Now, I have come to a place where I am eating healthful foods guided by nutrition, but also eating what I know will satisfy me. This way of eating works for me and I don't feel the need to graze on peanut butter, nuts, grapes, etc.! Am I the smallest I could possibly be? No, but I am happy and confident in my own skin, and do not look at food as any kind of enemy. While my own eating habits will of course not work for everyone, I want to help my clients achieve peace with food and get to a place where they feel good in their skin.

I decided to become a health coach because I feel like it is my calling to help other people with their lives from a health perspective. I love connecting with other people, and being someone who people can open up to, without any judgement in return. Close family members of mine have suffered from eating disorders and poor body image, so I have seen firsthand how achieving a happy and healthy life can be so incredibly difficult, even with so much information at our fingertips. Striving for health and wellness has to come from self-exploration and deciding what is truly important to you, and I would love to help you along the way. 

I am a certified health & wellness coach through Emory University's Continuing Education Program, approved by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC). In getting my certification, I studied health-related topics such as:


  • Diabetes and heart health 

  • Exercise and movement 

  • Healthy eating

  • Mental health

  • Work-life balance

  • Mind-body connection