"The decision to work with Emma on my intuitive eating journey was honestly one of the best I've ever made! For me, digging into and trying to change a (nearly) lifetime history of food rules, behaviors and quirks was extremely anxiety-inducing and uncomfortable."

– Former client

"Emma gave an incredible webinar on intuitive eating! I didn't know much about it going in and was honestly a little intimidated by the idea of it. Her content was very thoughtful and made intuitive eating seem so doable and she was so relatable!"

– Sarah Branciforti, Benefits Specialist

Everyone loved it and was even texting me after saying how awesome it was.  This was such an important topic to share with our chapter and everyone was so receptive. 

– Northeastern University Panhellenic

Image by Chris Nguyen

I help women find food freedom, self compassion and body peace in order to live their best lives.

"I worked with Emma to gain confidence in my intuitive eating mindset. Emma is a great listener, and she helped me to articulate areas where I was struggling. She had some great suggestions for reframing my thoughts that helped me in moments where I felt uncomfortable or anxious, and she did extra research on mindful movement when I asked about the "intuitive eating" approach to pushing yourself during a workout. I would happily recommend Emma's services to anyone who struggles with body image, dieting, and having a healthy mindset around food and exercise."

– Former client

Make peace with food.  

Learn how to listen to your body.

Create behaviors that make you feel amazing.